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Different Uses of Confetti

One thing most people don’t realize is that confetti has many more things to do than just mail pranks.  After seeing what all there is, you will reconsider what you think of when you read those words.

Pretty Jars

Have you ever seen one of these?  They are one of the most calming things you could ever make.  You need a jar, some glue, and then some confetti or glitter.  Literally dump everything inside the jar and shake it up and you will be amazed at what you see.  It all floats, suspended in its beautiful oneness.  If you have any problems that are getting you down, shake it up and give it some time.  By the time you come back and see all of the material has sunk back down to the bottom, you will realize you are much calmer and all of your problems have gone away.  Instead of pumping yourself full of drugs or going to a psychologist, just make one of these.  FYI, I’m not a doctor, and this isn’t medical advice.  Thanks lawyers.

Posters and Cards

This really makes you think of Greek life and sorority/fraternity stuff on a college campus.  It also makes you think of Valentines Day or toddler crafts.  Use some glue and confetti and you will have a nice product you can give to a loved one and it will make their day.

There are a few ways you can communicate with people: phones, face to face talking, and writing.  The first two aren’t done on paper.  So, when you sit down and get your paper, you need to make it pretty.  Do this with your cards or with your envelopes and you will be very happy that you went to Walmart that day.  You need to jump in and be stunned that nobody else is doing this.  You need to be self aware that being witty isn’t always the way to go.  Sometimes you just need to send out a loving letter to someone close to you and let them know that you love them.

Throw it in the Air for a Celebration

Don’t be fearful on this one.  It’s very fun to do something on the spur of the moment and not think about cleaning it up later.  There is a lot of good in throwing some confetti up in the air to celebrate a marriage or a new job.  Over the years and years you will always think about the intent of your actions.  If your intent is good, the people you are with will appreciate what you are doing.  They want you to not be scared and just to put in the effort to make the party a good time.  You need to deal with the people you invite and really be a good host to your members.  It’s very simple.  Show them respect and show them that their values are considered and taken into effect.  People will sit back and throw buzz words at you, but the true morals will always stand out.  So, go ahead and throw this stuff in the air, because when the confetti falls down, they will really appreciate it.

Use It on Your Face

This can really show how you roll.  There are only a few main looks people will have, so each and every day you have to twist and spin your look to have something different to give the people.  So, it is kind of like a pyramid.  There will be some crucial points that you can count on one hand that you need to hold close.  Then, from there, you will create new ideas that will help reinforce your thoughts.

Some people will think you are joking when you say that your main idea doesn’t change.  However, you will see that the most successful ones are very creative through creating their passion through their beliefs.  You have to really believe in your product and know that what you provide is of value.  You must respect the context of what you are sending, and these people who are in charge of the mail will appreciate it.  You can’t be sitting and drinking and think that noone else sees what you are doing.

You are really in control of your confetti.  You need to own your relationships and if your prank really makes it big you will appreciate it.  There is a rhythm that you must execute if you really want the charisma and understanding of the content you need to gain laughs.  By being a consistent joker, you will love seeing all of the competitors around you drop.  You must be willing to have stamina and ship your letter every single day.  It’s so true and nobody can disprove it.  It is necessary to thank those that have paved the way, and you cannot waste your time when asking these legends their passion.  Seeing these things in the mail in the media is very key to changing things.  It’s not just about having one hit.  It’s not even close; you need to think scales and scales higher than what the one hit brings.

How to Get the Laugh Out of the Box

The truth is that the market will decide what people want.  Don’t be concerned that people who are at their homes they will overthink what they are doing.  People will take things at certain levels and give context of how they roll.  Nobody in this world has a leg up on you when we’re talking about intelligence.  It is almost always about work.  When going for the big laugh, you need to have the information on your smart phone.  It is absolutely hilarious to show people how pointless it is to memorize things that people want.  These parts of the market are in the homework and in the part of life that the internet.  We are living through the internet and the mail that comes through is unbelievable.  Don’t be an information specialist because being creative is much more important.