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If you need help finding an answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to go through our Contact Page.

Will they know that it was from me? We won’t tell if you don’t.

How Does This Work? Click the buy button on this page and tell us whose day you want to ruin.  Then write a mean little note and click submit.  We will send our special letter to your unsuspecting victim and when they open it confetti and glitter will vomit all over them.

Is this really a bomb? Really? No!

This is awesome! Duh its awesome. You now have the power to ruin someone’s day without even lifting a finger.

Why should I pay you to send a confetti bomb or glitter bomb? Hey, if you want to spend 2 hours driving back and forth between Walmart, your house, and the post office, be my guest (have fun cleaning up the glitter and confetti).  Most people find it way easier to let us do the dirty work for them.

General Questions

Is this site legit? Is this really for real?
Look, we have a normal job as well. We spend hours a week and plenty of our own money that we make through our career job on this. This site is for real and legit.

Where can I ship a prank by snail mail?

Send your gag gift anywhere within the United States, Hawaii and Alaska is also included.

Is this website completely and 100% anonymous?

Your prank is sent 100% anonymously to the address, PO Box, or shipped without a return address, and so the reciepientt will not know who sent it to them.

The only way they will know is if you tell them. Buyer information is not on anything that is sent, not on the letter, card, box, package. If you want them to know that you sent it, is by you adding it to the personalized note.

Remember: Our products are a fun gag gift or prank between friends and not an object to deliver hate or malicious intent to an individual or organization. If you think the recipient will not find humor in your gag gift, then simply don’t order. It’s really that simple and if you have to think twice about it, then don’t even. If there is something that is hateful, malicious, racial, and/or mean, it will not be sent. (You get the point.)

I’m nervous about sending it, though. Please convince me otherwise.

We send this anonymously, so you have nothing to worry about. But if you are second guessing yourself, then just don’t place an order. If you are overthinking it, then move on to something else.

Can the mail be traced back to me?

Absolutely not, unless you specifically tell us to, your information will not be on any of the package or letter or card. Now if you tell the person you did it or tell someone and they tell that person, then of course they will know.

So stick to the fight club rule, tell no one!

Can I personalize my mail prank order?

Absolutely, you can! In fact, we encourage it. Just write in the comment section of your order

What can I write for a message?

In the comment section of your order.

When should I NOT send a prank order?

If you are even asking or thinking of this question, then you shouldn’t be sending it.

Shipping Questions

How do I know then my order has shipped?

You will receive an email that it has been shipped

How long does it take for my order to be shipped once I placed my order?

Typically your order will be processed within the next business day.

For example, if you place your order on a Monday, then it will be shipped on Tuesday. If you place your order on Saturday or Sunday, then it will ship on that Monday, Tuesday at the latest.

There may be times when there is a delay, such as holidays or when we are on vacation. We have to enjoy our lives too, but when we are on vacation, you will be notified by email.

When will my prank arrive?

It depends on the shipping method that you chose.

Here are the timeframes based on your selection:

Do you deliver to a PO Box?

Yes we do

Do you ship outside of the United States?

No, we don’t.

How do I track my order?

If you placed your order by a method that supplies tracking, then you will receive the tracking number.

Trouble Shooting Questions

My order hasn’t arrived, what do I do?

I made a mistake with the shipping address. Can I fix it?

You certainly can.

Please let us know the name, order ID, the mistake and the correction all in one email as soon as you know that a mistake has been made.

I want to cancel my order, what do I do now?

Please let us know as soon as possible. If it has already been shipped, then there is not much that we can do. Sorry.

To cancel an order, please get in touch with us through our Contact Page; include as much information as possible like:

  • Name and Address of recipient
  • Your Order ID
  • Payment Transaction ID

If the item has been processed and is waiting to be shipped, we offer a 50% refund due to the personalization of our products.

If the order has shipped, it is out of our hands, and we cannot provide a refund.