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Send a Glitter Bomb Letter or a Glitter Bomb Envelope

Mail an Original Glitter Bomb Letter or a Glitter Bomb Envelope – 100% Anonymous Prank Mail

So you wanna send a glitter bomb letter or a glitter bomb envelope to someone…

10-4… Mission Understood… WE GOT YOU!!!

Personalize a Glitter Bomb Prank Letter 100 % Anonymous

The Classic Glitter Bomb Letter

Sure to make a huge mess and make someone pretty mad and comes with large confetti with a custom message.  Sent in a nondescript envelope so they’ll never see it coming.

Super Fine Glitter Bomb Letter

Super fine glitter which is much harder to clean up than normal glitter. Looking for a really evil prank, this is it.  Sent in a plain ol’ envelope so they won’t know what hit ’em.

The Atomic Glitter Bomb Letter

A diabolical cocktail of confetti, regular glitter, and super duper fine glitter to unleash this upon a worthy foe. Send it incognito, like a ninja in the night with a taunting message.

Glitter Everywhere with Spring Loaded Glitter Bombs

If you’re wanting to ship a spring-loaded glitter bomb totally anonymous, we’ve got the perfect gag gift to annoy your friend, neighbor, best friend, or another prankster to one-up with the SUPER FINE GLITTER BOMB.

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Our Personal Prankster-ing History

Since we were young, we were surrounded by pranksters. The uncles of the family, they were the ones that would pick on you and if you weren’t thick skinned, you’d go running.

Their silent but deadly farts would stink you out of the room, too. We’ve fallen victim to too many pull my finger jokes. Trust us, there’s nothing like them. We’re sure that you had an uncle or two that were the same way!

As we grew older and entered into the workforce, we continued the pranking, put tape on a coworkers mouse, so yeap that was us! We have always enjoyed bringing in a laugh or two when appropriate.

So now, here we are, sharing our love for pranking complete strangers on your behalf and enjoying every order that goes along with it.

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What is Prank Em John / Prank Him John?

two men sitting while one is playing the guitar and the other is listening

Prank Em John or Prank Him John was a viral video uploaded to Vine in 2015 and has since gone viral to become a famous video and meme across Youtube, TikTok, Reddit, and many other social media sites.

Why Did Prank Em John/Prank Him John Become So Popular?

It’s a classic classic to do something to a person as a prank, if they are the first one to fall asleep and then to see their reaction when they wake up. Prank Em John went viral because technology was there to spread it and it was something that was highly relatable.

Videos can go viral quickly when posted to YouTube or TikTok. YouTube is a video-sharing platform that allows people to post content and share it with the world. YouTube has millions of users, so if a video captures attention, it can be shared quickly and potentially reach millions of viewers in no time.

TikTok is a social network centered around sharing videos. It promotes creative expression through short-form videos and provides a unique way for content creators to connect with their audiences by creating fun, engaging content that goes viral quickly – sometimes within minutes or hours! This makes it easier than ever for videos to become popular on TikTok as they are highly visible on the platform’s “For You” page.

What is The Meaning of Prank Em John?

Vine videos often have a comedic element to them, and Prank Em John is no exception. It consists of Vine users pranking each other with funny scenarios and jokes.

The Vine video contains various Vine clips that show people pranking their friends by pretending to be someone else or playing a joke on them. The Vine users often laugh at the end of the prank, showing that they are having fun and enjoying the humor of the situation.

It is this type of humor that makes Vine videos so popular – it’s lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek, and often involves witty wordplay or puns. The Prank Em John original Vine has been an integral part of internet culture for years now and will continue to be so for many more to come.

What is The Legacy of The Prank Em John Meme?

The prank em John meme has become a classic example of internet humor. It has also become an important part of the Vine and TikTok community, with many users replicating the original Prank Em John video and creating their own unique versions of it.

This type of humor is something that many people can relate to and enjoy watching, thus making the Prank Em John videos popular across social media platforms. The legacy of these videos showcases how humor, creativity, and community can bring people together in a digital world.

Prank Em John has become a prime example of viral humor for its humor, creativity, and community elements.

HAHA Even a dog isn’t safe
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Confetti Bomb Boxes and Exploding Pranks

The State of Exploding Boxes

Let’s be honest – there are tons of different ways to make these things nowadays. There are lots of reasons, too. Birthdays, holidays, baby showers, and just a simple joke are just some of the reasons why you would send one of these.

Why Would You Send an Exploding Box?

Well, this year is one that is going to be in the history books. Many people have called it the one that comes once in a hundred years. The technology is at a place it has never been but at what cost?

Some people are questioning the choices made and only time will tell how it will play out. Nevertheless, there is always a place for a good laugh. That is where our exploding confetti box comes in. When you mail one of these you will certainly get a good chuckle from the family member, friend, or coworker you send it to.

One thing people write to us about is the creation process. Well, when we make these, we make them with love. Whenever we receive an order, our favorite part is the custom letter we include when you add it. It adds a personalized message that only you know about until it arrives.

The explosion of rainbow confetti and glitter is what really gets people excited. Once it is sent in the mail your anticipation is what really makes it worth it. Then it’s only a matter of minutes before you receive a text or phone call that you can share a moment with. It is all in good fun and really is a silly way to communicate with a loved one.

One last note is about our cards. Our cards are a great price and come in an envelope. So whenever you send one of these you will get the best of both worlds.

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How to Write Funny Jokes for Work

There are many different types of jokes that a person can come up with.  Sometimes you have to skirt the line between safe and politically incorrect.  Sometimes, though, crude jokes are the best kind.  In this article we will dive in and analyze the best joke topics to use with your friends.


Animals are usually pretty safe when it comes to jokes.  Farm animals like chickens, cows, goats, and llamas are perfect candidates for these types of yarns.  Actually, it would probably be a hard task to come up with an offensive joke that includes farm animals.  Go ahead, try it.


Glue can actually be pretty funny.  There are tons of ways to include glue in a joke that can either be 100% safe or super edgy.  For example, you can tell a funny glue joke that will really go over well with family and friends.  Also, there are many different types of glue that can be the topic: glitter glue, super glue, or Elmer’s glue.  Which ever type of glue or joke you choose, rest assured that it is a great way to get a laugh.



Politics are always going to be a touchy topic if you’re not careful.  Things can get serious really quick and people are always ready to fight over their beliefs.  Donald Trump, for example, is probably the number one joke topic of 2017 and probably will be for the next three years.  Hillary Clinton, too, is probably next in line.  These people are always in the public eye and scrutiny is simply expected.  Usually, though, it is all in good fun and nobody wants to really hurt their feelings.

When making your jokes, be sure to keep in mind who you are talking to and how good they are at managing their anger!  Have fun telling your jokes and be sure to let us know your ideas.

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How to Send a Confetti Bomb Prank Like Seth MacFarlane

Laugh on the Inside and Outside

There was a family member that experienced somehow attracted the attention in the friends. Each and every single worker in the household was a victim of their pranks by mail. They will be gathering for a meeting with the food on the table ready to eat and then a bird would come via their bubble and stop during sending a glitter bomb. Or they would go out to show some buddies in the afternoon and all they would discover was a gallon of water around the ground. The pranks through the mail experienced been at it all over again. I adore a very good mail prank. It is really why I do what I do. I think it truly is why I created this Web site. Folks constantly ask me to write up a very good guide on ways to do mail pranks. It can be actually hard to discover a good e-book on the subject of Family Guy. So a great deal of what makes a mail prank fantastic seriously depends about the situation, in which you might be writing the joke and how you intend to drag it off. When you adhere to writing discussions on the web, you may perhaps have seen the same results. These could possibly sound like faculty prank mail, but they’re basically the same group of story creations. The teens, all of great intelligence, have been interviewed by police but had been not charged in his loss of life. Police hates local mail pranks.

Talk through the Steps of Humor

It is really unclear exactly wherever the April Idiot tradition originated, but some men and women are more than happy to obtain the opportunity to engage in own mail pranks on their good friends like Seth MacFarlane, family members users or coworkers. Similar holidays might be found in Texas along with the other celebrations around the country. Some also believe that the holiday stems from our decision to create New Year’s Day. Sometimes the glitter bombs just take some crazy planning, for instance the smartest college students who controlled an entire house having a box of confetti, whereas other occasions the mail pranks are quite simple, which includes a faux announcement in front of your class. Here you will obtain insights, information, articles about, prank mail, hoaxes, culture fact hacking across the earth – earlier, present and future – mainstream and counter society. You will be invited to contribute to its development. May well your journey be crammed with additional than your expectations. Celebrate outside the do the job location. Acquire your co-workers and also have fun outside of function. That is where you may pull pranks through the mail and jokes with Ted. No matter what is performed from the business should be stored separate from the office environment. Knowing when to keep matters professional is essential. Having fun with friends outside on the office is often an approach to get to understand each individual other even though keeping the morale of one’s coworkers although inside the workplace sending a confetti bomb. Building a startup is exactly like that, except take away the fancy parties plus the groupies, never to mention the mail pranks, easy cash plus the extra about community and parties about confetti and glitter.

The Glitter Bomb vs The Confetti Bomb

In the turn in the century, Halloween parties for all types of people turned quite possibly the most common way to celebrate the day. Parties focused on games, foods of your year and glitter bombs. Parents had been encouraged by smart owners to just take something outside of other celebrations. Due to the fact of such efforts, Halloween lost a lot of its superstitious and religious overtones with the beginning of the year. Don’t act like a geek in a very world of unintelligent persons can get frustrating, nevertheless it has its advantages on these days. Below are a few of our most loved silly mail pranks you can participate in on the unsuspecting co-workers and friends tomorrow. Rarity would make the argument that if these foods place forth the effort to drag off a mail prank that all people can enjoy, she could possibly as nicely not pull off any prank mail at all. Ted perceives this like a challenge and leaves the house to plan far more pranks through the mail. And now a vital alert. April is not just for practical jokes like confetti bombs. We want to hear it all. Remember that every single weekend, we’ll read a handful of your submissions on the air. You assume this was the ideal movie at any time designed. Alec Baldwin as well as the Kevin Hart use this comedy because it relies on physical humor, mail pranks and absurd conditions for laughs. Listing some of your favorite goofy things, but stay clear of slipping a banana under someone’s chair in the course of your initially outing collectively.

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Tips on Sending Pranks by Mail for Holidays and Birthdays

Your Friends and Family Will Enjoy the Glitter and Confetti 

In the occasion you’re really seriously interested in somehow filing a felony lawsuit within a court around online pranks by mail that you evidently have no proof of, I took the liberty to doc many of the real things you did. I’ve the thread, your actions recruiting persons to harass me, private facts disclosure (that has still to be written down, regardless of web-site coverage), and naturally every one of the crazy things you still left for me, especially on my birthday. At times, you’ll want to change things inside of your personal computer both to get a lot more management on the community or perform pranks through the mail on our family. Whatever whether it is, you might want to know how to edit hosts information in Home windows. Everybody enjoys a terrific mail prank on a holiday. That’s why concealed digital displays are preferred the earth more than. But there are numerous mail pranks which can be so scary for the target they can only be referred to as hilarious. When you continue to may perhaps not have the ability to steer clear of the rough riders or maybe a huge laugh, you have got to seek out you thinking regardless of whether it might be so amusing when you ended up during the individual’s location. But do not allow these qualifications trick you – this man is also a genius, vulnerable to showing his stock research with glitter bombs, jokes and inventive writing. Kevin Hart handled his fans on Christmas and Labor Day into an exclusive glitter edition of his weekly on the web online video webinars, during which he tried to call on many executives of your firms he follows. Which is proper, you perform humorous jokes on each other.

These Pranks through the Mail are Amazing

And when another person pulls a mail prank on you, you’ve got to mail prank them in revenge the following week. So on your benefit, I’ve incorporated the best glitter bombs which I know, in addition a couple of I’ve heard of, to generate your mail prank feel cleverer than theirs. Feared by numerous and beloved by some, it is your time for being about the offering conclusion to send a confetti bomb. Because you’re the father or mother, does not imply you cannot possess a small pleasurable. Listed here certainly are a few fun and silly pranks by mail to participate in for Christmas and Halloween. A laser might be a tool just like a baseball bat and strike somebody over the pinnacle. Pranks are procedures to vary lifetime with; they’re primarily based on principles that happen to be not broadly identified or acknowledged. Men and women can master and implement this. Now, you won’t want to do this to take income from others, but to setup scenarios for on their own leading them to complete more of the things they desire to do. The purpose should be to explore and acquire acquainted with the rules that use. Some people have a disorder will not sit effectively with prospective buyers. Comedians like Key and Peele are all set with stories, but normally aren’t in a position to determine or find confetti bombs.

Gag Gifts are Perfect for this Situation

Funny mail pranks to elaborate on feelings can make them really need to do almost all of the talking, which, once more, defeats their purpose. Peele remains in company in California, now as a single with the world’s major suppliers of glitter bombs. Nevertheless, it was the idea that mail pranks that gave the organization its start, plus the Peele brothers threw on their own into it with class, giving not simply the mail pranks themselves but will also the bright shirts sewn during the final shows, unique hats for the victims on holidays, and scripts to comply with to generate the glitter bombs extra believable and frightening. If you have a friend or family member that enjoys getting gifts on their birthday, they will absolutely love receiving one of these.  There’ll be unquestionably no initiation of any kind for freshmen or new band members less than any circumstances. While this 1 is really a traditional, peruse Brian Regan’s profile on YouTube. For this particular story drama comedian says his joke with his own words, but focus extra over the description from the prank mail that to the portion from the loved ones moving away from their home. Inform the college students they will create hilarious ideas with the homes of glitter.

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The Viral Mail Pranks Taking Over Social Media

Glitter Pranks on Facebook


 This is stuffed with pranks through the mail and practical joke stories from confetti bombs in a few of the biggest work groups inside the region. Our group also implies that humor is usually a great method to deliver an ensemble jointly and learn some loose, artistic surroundings. Kevin Hart is well known for mischievous pranks by mail and useful jokes. At shows he will at times do small companies for that loved ones above which he presides. Hart is identical. When upon a time in a very forest not significantly from below, there lived a clever man. She played glitter bombs on all method of creatures, foremost them on missions although laughing and barely did she consider just about anything very seriously. But a person working day she carelessly wrecked an ant mound, as well as leader in the commons, angered beyond purpose, decided it would be ideal if the many animals in the forest lived beneath his rule as an alternative to remaining no cost to result in destruction. We asked our mates and looked through the online market place for additional illustrations of many of the funniest office ideas and pulled collectively this list to serve as a motivator for the very own perform mail pranks.

Get Your Stamp and Send the Mail Prank


Each and every firm includes a tale some humorous workplace jokes. Irrespective of whether you might be doing some analysis or maybe sensation a bit strange, it’s time for getting a prank mail of your individual while in the publications. Below are a few ideas. She suggests her students are really fantastic young ones, but staff informs the team in the effects of student pranks through the mail, which includes risking going for walks at graduation. Staff attempts to absolutely discourage them, she says, but if they cannot wholly prevent them, they struggle to persuade pupils to tell a personnel member what’s taking place, in order that they can provide suggestions if it’s a truly undesirable plan. Ample safety actions can help avoid loss of assistance through selfish acts or pranks by mail. When your program is ready, this sort of steps could even be prevented. The suitable level of protection for this confetti bomb is very best identified with the procedure with the area stage. And still, amazingly, this doesn’t seem to be to become the oldest trick within the world when it comes to telephone mail pranks. Chris Rock reviews that people over a long time remembered the outdated fridge gag, which, whenever they pulled it as teenagers, implies it could’ve existed within the past few weeks or previously. How is it that workplace parties are so unsafe? Immediately after all, it occasionally can look downright awesome when Joey pulls glitter bombs on the other men on stage.

Leave Twitter Smiling


Actually though, most office bullying is much even worse than placing a firework in the drawer. This detrimental habits might be pervasive and hazardous. Worst of all, it could even form into kinds of bullying far more harmful than hiding workplace provides. These are only a few of our favorites we’ve seen over the several years, but you will discover many various destructive mail pranks you are able to perform smart, considerably less internet knowledgeable coworkers. Try out these on for measurement while you prepare for your party for tomorrow, or share your personal most loved pranks by mail in the conversations we had. Jon experienced this back once we lived in the United States. It’s a selection of people doing many mail pranks they’ve finished or had finished to themselves. Funny, certainly, but don’t prevent there, it is also highly smart for your budding glitter bombs. Just never perform a person on me, mainly because I will not likely laugh along with you with the joke.

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Top Reasons Why Confetti Sends Best in the Mail

Prank Your Boss and Your Friends will Love You

The pranks by mail are genuinely intelligent and often make folks concern their thoughts along with the issues they take without any consideration about the entire world that we dwell in. I feel this book is focused on creating persons imagine and question and really feel. That is likely an excellent plan, particularly following a very similar list of pranks through the mail passed off in the United States before this year, with ten family members identical stunts and uploading the videos to their local bulletin boards. People from California and New York finished up monitoring down the people and charging them with various expenses for confetti bombs and other things like cars and homes. With this phone app within the corner, feelings drift towards mail pranks and functional jokes. In spite of its name for staff, the citizens of here have enjoyed a very good prank mail around the many years. It truly is protected to state this is a superb few months for followers of glitter bombs. Everybody is signing up for the enjoyment. Hefty focus around the educational areas of education and learning not just brings about mail pranks, but also sales opportunities the engineering university student to kind a completely various list of loyalties and college contacts than his dumb counterpart. Furthermore, it may usually make him fairly biased by depriving him of free time for side pursuits.

Get Your Supplies Like Daniel Tosh

When each place of work could have its very own tradition and set of rules concerning these things there are several jokes including office parties, that are less signify spirited than many others. Using these cooler mail pranks may well not guide to official disciplinary action. April Fool’s Day is complete without having New York’s pranks through the mail. I essentially bought thrilled that they have new confetti bombs and they are amazing. Nonetheless they changed the views in my mind when I realized it had been April 1st, knowing it is a prank mail. It’s a fantastic thought if they truly do integrate it into my life. It could surely help you save a great deal of folks from receiving in difficulties, particularly at function. Submit the glitter bomb you fellas did to your family members, mates, and your boss. In honor of this we have set jointly a list of just some says to send a glitter bomb to these guys.  They run the gamut from the college or university war.

Mail the Envelope and Laugh at Your Prank

So, we’ve pulled with each other an inventory of some nice April Fools office environment mail pranks that will not get you in trouble or in any other case outcast. And a few videos of some extra intense pranks by mail which are confident to help make long lasting memories. Very well, very long ahead of they turned a real couple, these silly people on the street to drag a homeless man to move enough time. That’s a great method to raise morale with an individual, and it really is something which kept them together all through the study course in the show – even if Pablo was getting a brief trip through Frank Caliendo’s city. A final tale you would possibly desire to choose your places for sending a glitter bomb. In the early years below someone with less education would say this is due to a confetti bomb. The head boss writes that Caliendo was identified for his incredibly tiny and slight baton movements and efficient teaching design. Above the previous number of many years, your birthday has become notorious for being extra funny or embarrassing. A good deal of teenagers foresees this night of tomfoolery and consider it as a rite of passage. Our special order form will allow individuals in the United States to do tough mail pranks involving bogus scenarios, not to mention, Caliendo himself.

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The Easiest Way to Send a Glitter Bomb

Get the Glitter from the Store


Currently internet trolls are more frequent than mail pranksters with telephones. So though they might have done this and however understand how to force plenty of buttons. A single on the extra ingenious April Fools’ mail pranks was my confetti and glitter bomb. According to the company’s launch, the item is definitely the world’s 1st sensible envelope, which was seen using the modern chef in your mind. The high-tech blade doubles to be a Wi-Fi meat thermometer and baking instrument.

Steve reported her friend Joe, fifteen, enjoys mail pranks. He will take right after his mother. Which means his twin sister, Lucy, and their father, Ken, would be the subjects of most mail pranks. Occasionally he receives his mother, too. Preferred car or truck provider we now deliver mail pranks on-demand. From 1 till 5 on Friday, the company is supplying shoppers the possibility to work with Google Maps to decide on an acquaintance to mail prank.  What’s also necessary is surely an improved consumer interface beyond straightforward keypad regulate. In the event you are aside of the comedians, then I have a handful of mail pranks specifically built to suit your needs.

Confetti Will be in the Box


Homes and cars have got a prolonged and wealthy historical past of fantastic glitter bombs and listed here certainly are a couple with the best that I have viewed. Seeking for some twisted healthcare humor? Attempt these professional medical pranks by mail. Keep an eye out, though, a number of them could possibly get persons definitely angry as well as get you in difficulties.

So utilize them at your personal hazard. Of course, if it takes in the middle of the day, then you will be very easily forgiven. It can be real that adult men trick every other over the phone or in the mail. Internet jokes might be very cruel, far too, as we learned previous You can watch a movie in which he seemingly calls his good friend throws him within a hole, and then acts like he is running from his good friend Dan and his glitter bombs. It is often great to give a good laugh now and then which has a few mail pranks.

It is possible to yell at him, push him because of the bat, say a couple of jokes, or most of the above. Depending on the place you work and who you work for birthday pranks by mail may be appropriate based around the setting and placement you maintain in just within an organization.

Send the Mail Prank


Knowing when to tug a confetti bomb is one thing critical, for example, you should not pull a mail prank through an important conference with corporates, or pulling an intricate mail prank on your boss such as telling them an important conference was rescheduled when it wasn’t wouldn’t be wise. Until your glitter bombs are figure acceptable, might make somebody laugh and possess a very good sensation at the conclusion of the working day then that is tolerable among firm administrators.

Appear up with an ideal reaction to deliver to mail pranks, so that they can be rehearsed and ready with the confrontation, and thereby be less reactive. When you make phone calls persons asking for aid can’t get by means of, simply because you tie up the road. Should you at any time have a difficulty, be happy to contact again, but at this moment, I’m planning to hang up. It’s a series of talks with people who’ve pulled some pretty crazy mail pranks. Some of these people are already pulling mail pranks their full life.