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Deciding Who to Send the Prank To

This is the most important part of the whole act.  When you are sitting back in your throne and thinking about conspiring to gag one of your dudes, you really have to get it right.  If you end up sending it to the wrong one, you will either get made fun of, have to re-order, or just know you didn’t do it right.  Here we will help you decide the best person to ship some confetti.

Your Lover

The only way this will work is if your partner has a good sense of humor.  If you have a serious boyfriend or girlfriend, this might backfire.  When they open the mail and get a big blob of this stuff on them and they don’t laugh, you know you’re in trouble.

On the other hand, if you and your lover enjoy messing with each other, this is really the perfect way to get back at them for something they did.  For example, if you’re a dude and your girlfriend has been nagging at you a lot recently, you can send her a message that really sticks it to her.  Also, if you’re a girl and your man did something like, I don’t know, left the toilet seat up, you can show him who’s boss.

Make Your Sibling Mad…Really Mad

If there’s one relationship that is notorious for playing jokes for each other, it is siblings.  There is something beautiful about seeing two brothers hitting each other and knowing they are just messing with each other.  So, say that your punk little brother just graduated high school and you want to give him a hard time.  This is how you do that.

The “Fat Cat”

This one is absolutely crazy how successful it is.  There are so many different workers that enjoy sending these to their coworkers one rung higher on the corporate ladder.  A great part about this is that you can do it anonymously.  You can ship the envelope, sit back with all of your buddies, and laugh because your boss has no idea who did it.

The Jerk Down the Street

Most people use these confetti bombs as some sort of little joke between themselves and another.  However, there is that small portion who really just does it to someone they don’t like.  This is your answer for that.  When you come across that dude who really does things that are horrible moves to you and society, there has to be a way to give him a taste of his own medicine.  Come to our page, press a button, and say no more.  By mailing this confetti prank, you will really let him know what’s on your mind.