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How to Write Funny Jokes for Work

There are many different types of jokes that a person can come up with.  Sometimes you have to skirt the line between safe and politically incorrect.  Sometimes, though, crude jokes are the best kind.  In this article we will dive in and analyze the best joke topics to use with your friends.


Animals are usually pretty safe when it comes to jokes.  Farm animals like chickens, cows, goats, and llamas are perfect candidates for these types of yarns.  Actually, it would probably be a hard task to come up with an offensive joke that includes farm animals.  Go ahead, try it.


Glue can actually be pretty funny.  There are tons of ways to include glue in a joke that can either be 100% safe or super edgy.  For example, you can tell a funny glue joke that will really go over well with family and friends.  Also, there are many different types of glue that can be the topic: glitter glue, super glue, or Elmer’s glue.  Which ever type of glue or joke you choose, rest assured that it is a great way to get a laugh.



Politics are always going to be a touchy topic if you’re not careful.  Things can get serious really quick and people are always ready to fight over their beliefs.  Donald Trump, for example, is probably the number one joke topic of 2017 and probably will be for the next three years.  Hillary Clinton, too, is probably next in line.  These people are always in the public eye and scrutiny is simply expected.  Usually, though, it is all in good fun and nobody wants to really hurt their feelings.

When making your jokes, be sure to keep in mind who you are talking to and how good they are at managing their anger!  Have fun telling your jokes and be sure to let us know your ideas.