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Send a Glitter Bomb Letter or a Glitter Bomb Envelope

Mail an Original Glitter Bomb Letter or a Glitter Bomb Envelope – 100% Anonymous Prank Mail

So you wanna send a glitter bomb letter or a glitter bomb envelope to someone…

10-4… Mission Understood… WE GOT YOU!!!

Personalize a Glitter Bomb Prank Letter 100 % Anonymous

The Classic Glitter Bomb Letter

Sure to make a huge mess and make someone pretty mad and comes with large confetti with a custom message.  Sent in a nondescript envelope so they’ll never see it coming.

Super Fine Glitter Bomb Letter

Super fine glitter which is much harder to clean up than normal glitter. Looking for a really evil prank, this is it.  Sent in a plain ol’ envelope so they won’t know what hit ’em.

The Atomic Glitter Bomb Letter

A diabolical cocktail of confetti, regular glitter, and super duper fine glitter to unleash this upon a worthy foe. Send it incognito, like a ninja in the night with a taunting message.

Glitter Everywhere with Spring Loaded Glitter Bombs

If you’re wanting to ship a spring-loaded glitter bomb totally anonymous, we’ve got the perfect gag gift to annoy your friend, neighbor, best friend, or another prankster to one-up with the SUPER FINE GLITTER BOMB.

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