The Top 5 Mail Pranks (and Where to Get Them)


Your How to Guide to Pranking through the Mail

When you’re sitting around bored at home and you need something to do, pranking someone is always a good bet. Humor makes life enjoyable and, for some reason, people love laughing at other peoples’ pain. Here are the five best mail pranks you can do today to get a good laugh.

1) Glitter Bomb/Confetti Bomb

The Good Old Confetti Glitter Bomb

What did you expect? That’s what this site is about; and for a good reason. Glitter and confetti bombs are absolute classics and they are far and away the funniest pranks you could ever do. It’s kind of like sending a joke to someone in the same room as you and watching them until they get it. The anticipation just makes you giggly and it’s great fun.


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2) The Potato

Ship a Potato

Yes, this is a thing. The USPS allows you to ship a potato. They let you mail a lot of things, really – let’s just say you’d be limited by your embarrassment much faster than you’d be limited by your shipping company. Think of your friend or enemy opening up a potato. Well, actually, they don’t open anything. You can literally stick stamps on a potato and throw it in a mail box. Anyways, it’s pretty clever and it is a good option.

3) The Empty Box Prank

Ship Your Friend an Empty Box

This one is genius. I’ve never received one myself, but I can only imagine the utter confusion you would have when you open this box and there is absolutely nothing in it. See, with other mail pranks, there’s a clear goal: you get glitter on them, you send something stupid and meaningless like a potato, etc. Not this one. This one absolutely is a mind game and it is another level of trickiness.

4) The Middle Finger

Mail Your Friend a Middle Finger

This one is similar to the glitter bomb but without the mess. The victim is expecting a nice letter from a friend or maybe a holiday card or birthday card or whatever. Surprise! Here’s a nice bird for you!

5) Ship a Dick

Ship a Dick

Want to tell someone to literally eat a dick? Look no further. This ingenious little mail prank is perfect for a boyfriend or girlfriend. By sending a bag of candy dicks, you can really stick it to your victim while giving them a sweet treat at the same time.