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Want to screw up someone’s day?  Ship them a glitter bomb!
Let us do the dirty work while you sit back and laugh.


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Glitter Mail Bomb Pranks are All the Rage

People all around the world can’t stop talking about them.  For some reason there is nothing funnier than sending a trick through the mail to someone, whether that be a close friend or a hated enemy.  All from the comfort of your own home (or wherever you are), you have the power to send a nice glitter bomb straight to them.  By doing this, you not only give yourself a nice laugh, but you strengthen a relationship.


Why Ship Glitter?

Gold Glitter

This has got to be the easiest question in the world.  Anyone with a good sense of humor and a light heart can answer this themselves.  You either get it or you don’t.  People that can take a joke and that know good humor when they see it can easily understand why this would be a good joke. By doing this, you get a good deal on a hilarious prank that would make a big mess trying to do it yourself.

Hey, we even welcome you to do it yourself. Most people just find it way, way easier to pay us a few bucks and let us do it for them.  I mean think about it: there are so many different things you would have to do in order to send a glitter bomb.  For one, you would have to drive to Walmart and buy all of the supplies.  This would probably cost more than just paying us right there.  Then you’d have to acutally make the bomb, address it and use the stamps you had to buy.  Then you’d have to drive all the way back up to the post office and ship it.  At the end of it all you’ve wasted a couple of hours, spent more than you would have paid us on supplies, postage, and gas, and you have glitter all over yourself and your room.  Hey, it’s up to you, but I think the answer’s clear! Let us do it for you.


How does This Bomb Work?

The concept is actually pretty simple. First, you want to think of someone who you can send this bomb to. This can either be someone you want to play a joke on, or someone you want to inflict revenge on. So, for the first case, you could send it to a family member or a friend or coworker. For the second case, you can send it to an ex boyfriend or girlfriend, someone who has really wronged you in the past, or someone who just annoys you. Once you come up with this, just click the buy button and tell us your info. Then lay back and enjoy the power you have by sending this glitter bomb all through a few clicks on the internet.



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