Send a Glitter Prank: We’ll Gag Your Friends or Enemies for You

The Glitter Prank and Why It’s Awesome

How to Glitter Prank Through the Mail

People from all places are showing tons of love towards these things. Glitter pranks are all the rage and for a good reason. There is something very attractive about having the power to ruin someone’s day while sitting back in your computer chair. Let us work our magic while you sit on your throne and laugh your ass off.


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A Few Reasons to Prank Someone With Glitter

This Guy Had Someone Send Him Some Glitter


If you’re a human then you most likely think this is funny. Getting such instant results and being able to mess with your friends (or enemies) with such little effort is great. You literally have the reach to prank someone without even leaving your home.

A small percentage of people will say they can do this themselves. Really, that’s fine. However, probably literally 99% of people find it way easier to send us a few dollars and let us put in the elbow grease in this glitter bomb for them. I mean really. Think for a second about how much time you would waste. You’d have to make several trips between the store, your house, and the government mail box. At the end of the day you’d probably end up spending more money doing yourself and you’d waste several hours. Not to mention, you’d have glitter everywhere. Have fun with that. We’d have to agree with the vast majority and say the better deal is to have us do it!

A Step by Step Plan for the Glitter Prank

How You Look When You Prank Someone



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Before we start, you have to think and narrow it down to who exactly you want to send this glitter bomb to. This could be a close friend or a someone you really hate. When you clicked on this website you probably instantly had someone in mind. So, that part shouldn’t be too hard. Really all you have to do next is tell us who it is and pay us. That’s all there is!

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