Spring Loaded Confetti Bomb


Send a spring loaded confetti bomb that will send confetti flying! It’s shipped in a normal, nondescript tube to make sure they don’t see it coming. Comes filled with your choice of confetti shapes and color.

Add a custom note on the inside or better yet, throw them off with a sticker on the tube.

Hearts (+$4.99)
Middle Finger (+$4.99)
Stars (+$4.99)
Presents (+$4.99)
Smiley Faces (+$4.99)
Dollar Signs (+$4.99)
Dogs (+$4.99)
Cats (+$4.99)
Pumpkins (+$4.99)
Football (+$4.99)
Pineapple (+$4.99)
Ghosts (+$4.99)
Houses (+$4.99)
Flowers (+$4.99)
Cars (+$4.99)
Leaves (+$4.99)
Fish (+$4.99)
Rainbow or Multi-Colored Confetti comes Standard.
We'll be glad to add some extra mess for you!
All Colors
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Our Spring-Loaded Confetti Bomb is Your Ticket to Personalized Prank Perfection!

Each bomb is handcrafted and tailored to your wildest confetti dreams. Our tubes, a compact 6″ x 1.5″, boast a custom spring system that’s like a confetti slingshot to the heavens. And choose from a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes to ensure your surprise packs the perfect punch.

Expect maximum chaos – our confetti will blanket everything nearby, causing fits of joy or frustration guaranteed!
And hey, why not throw them off even more with a sneaky sticker on the outside?

Shipped 100% incognito, our confetti bomb arrives like a ninja in the night, leaving your victim scratching their head – who’s behind this confetti calamity? But it’s up to you whether you spill the beans or let the mystery linger!”

Your information will not be on the package unless you specifically tell us to.

How to Send a Spring Loaded Confetti Bomb Prank

Step 1: Choose the lucky person who will be receiving your world class token of affection.

Step 2: Choose what you’d like to send and any additional prank mail options, if you wish. While your at it, include a personal message as your claim to fame or leave it anonymous if you’d like.

Step 3: Enter the person’s shipping address, then finish your order.

And finally, sit back and wait for it to arrive. We’ll send you tracking so you know when it gets there.

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