Mail Pranks: Pick a Gag and We’ll Ship it for You


Prank Someone with a Glitter Bomb

Prank Anyone You Want Through the Mail 

I’ve got to say that one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in my life is watching someone open one of these glitter bombs.  Who knew a little envelope could cause so such trouble? 


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Prank Power: Let Us Do The Dirty Work for You

Hey, Send a Glitter Bomb Today!


You really are sitting pretty here.  All you have to do is watch from a distance as your enemy receives a nice little shipment of glitter.  For some reason there’s something about doing this mail prank from the internet that makes it so much more funny.  One customer commented he felt like Zeus, above all and ruining peoples’ days from the clouds (his bedroom).

Mail Your Way to Laughter



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Well, you’ll be laughing.  Your victim will be looking like the girl in that picture.  Frustration, sadness, humor, hate, love; whatever you’re looking for from these pranks by mail, you’ll get it.  One thing that’s so great about these is that they’re versatile.  Any emotion you want to convey can be captured through these things.  Glitter bombs are the great equalizer and you can take full advantage of that. 

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