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Confetti Bomb Boxes and Exploding Pranks in 2020

The State of Exploding Boxes in 2020

Let’s be honest – there are tons of different ways to make these things nowadays. There are lots of reasons, too. Birthdays, holidays, baby showers, and just a simple joke are reasons why you would send one of these.

Why would you send it? Well, this year is one that is going to be in the history books. Many people have called it the one that comes once in a hundred years. The technology is at a place it has never been but at what cost?

Some people are questioning the choices made and only time will tell how it will play out. Nevertheless, there is always a place for a good laugh. That is where our exploding confetti box comes in. When you mail one of these you will certainly get a good chuckle from the family member, friend, or coworker you send it to.

One thing people comment to us sometimes is the creation process. Well, when we make these, we make them with love. Whenever we receive an order, our favorite part is the custom letter we include when you add it. It adds a personalized message that only you know about until it arrives.

The explosion of rainbow confetti and glitter is what really gets people excited. Once it is sent in the mail your anticipation is what really makes it worth it. Then it’s only a matter of minutes before you receive a text or phone call that you can share a moment with. It is all in good fun and really is a silly way to communicate with a loved one.

One last note is about our cards. Our cards are a great price and come in an envelope. So whenever you send one of these you will get the best of both worlds.